Saturday, January 1, 2011

The best of 2010...October, November, and December

Autumn settles in...
as the days start getting shorter and the light gets softer, sunset tones of gold, orange, red, and hot pink are some of my favourites. Cymbidium Orchids, Mokara Orchids, Ajumah Orchids, Calla lilies, and Roses are some of the most beautiful flowers available in October, November, and December.
In mid October we had a beautiful wedding at The Tea House Stanley Park. The Bridal Bouquet was a textural mix of Dahlias & Roses.
Dahlias are usually only available until late September, but in 2010 we had them all the way through to late October. (Lucky for this Bride!)
November...a 50th Anniversary party of winter whites, silver, and crystal.
These are the same slate grey linens we used in September with floral accents of bright used with white, silver, and crystal chandeliers, they are brand new look...
December...The party season!
LOVE this Alessi collander filled with red Carnations and shiny red baubles...
For centrepieces this year, I was really loving the GlamOrganic look of Birch and Baubles.
So, there it is...the year that was 2010.
It was a spectacular year full of Olympics, Events, Films, Weddings, and Parties.
May 2nd, 2011 is my 19th anniversary of opening my design studio/store and each year has been full of new ideas, new clients, new challenges, and thankfully new varieties of flowers available commercially which keeps things exciting and fresh.
We are already working on some fantastic events and weddings coming up soon, and are booked solid for every long weekend in 2011.
Happy New Year!!!!
Keep checking in!

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