Saturday, January 1, 2011

The best of 2010...October, November, and December

Autumn settles in...
as the days start getting shorter and the light gets softer, sunset tones of gold, orange, red, and hot pink are some of my favourites. Cymbidium Orchids, Mokara Orchids, Ajumah Orchids, Calla lilies, and Roses are some of the most beautiful flowers available in October, November, and December.
In mid October we had a beautiful wedding at The Tea House Stanley Park. The Bridal Bouquet was a textural mix of Dahlias & Roses.
Dahlias are usually only available until late September, but in 2010 we had them all the way through to late October. (Lucky for this Bride!)
November...a 50th Anniversary party of winter whites, silver, and crystal.
These are the same slate grey linens we used in September with floral accents of bright used with white, silver, and crystal chandeliers, they are brand new look...
December...The party season!
LOVE this Alessi collander filled with red Carnations and shiny red baubles...
For centrepieces this year, I was really loving the GlamOrganic look of Birch and Baubles.
So, there it is...the year that was 2010.
It was a spectacular year full of Olympics, Events, Films, Weddings, and Parties.
May 2nd, 2011 is my 19th anniversary of opening my design studio/store and each year has been full of new ideas, new clients, new challenges, and thankfully new varieties of flowers available commercially which keeps things exciting and fresh.
We are already working on some fantastic events and weddings coming up soon, and are booked solid for every long weekend in 2011.
Happy New Year!!!!
Keep checking in!

Best of 2010....July, August, September

The long, hot days of Summer.....
This bouquet was my very favourite bouquet of July 2010. The mix of hot summer colours and juicy textures is the very essence of Summer...the sun kissed fruity tones of yellow, chartreuse, bright oranges and pinks just make my heart sing.

We still had Peonies and Tulips in early July there's a blessing.
In mid July we had our first Dahlias arrive just in time for this colourful wedding at the Vancouver Art Gallery.
LOVE the groupings of colour down the length of the 50 ft. long dining tables....
In August we worked on an Italian themed event using she summer bounty of Grapes, Pears, Apples, Plums, and Crabapples.
Champagne Grapes arrived at my supplier just as I went to choose all the fruit we needed for this event...I think the different sizes of Grapes added to the textural beauty of the pieces we made...
In the heat of Summer, sometimes pure white has a cooling effect. This reception would be just as beautiful in Winter too...
Roses and Hydrangea...two of Summer's most delectable flowers.
Other popular Summer flowers are Lisymachia and Snapdragons....My favourite foliage of the summer is Raspberry Cane which I grow on a farm in Langley. In 2011 we will be doubling the harvest size & should have availability from June through August.
I just love this loose and casual mix of Summer flowers....Delphinium, Hydrangea, Casablanca Lilies, Roses, Snapdragons, Lisymachia, and Bells of Ireland.
A more formal setting of all whites is this Persian Wedding Sofreh where we have used masses of Dendrobium Orchids around the bases of the beautiful gold candelabras. Here the arrangements are more formal masses of whites with less green....
I LOVE this delicate and feminine Bouquet of individually wired Dendrobium Orchids....Although this was made in early September, these flowers are available year round....would be beautiful in any season!
Well, I guess it's a little nepotism, but I have to say that my favourite wedding of 2010 was that of my brother & sister-in-law in mid September. Rosalin carried a classic, timeless bouquet of red Roses to match those fabulous shoes...The overall colour theme was stone grey and bright red, and the rainy grey weather actually worked with the colours!
Rosalin and Nicole in the lobby of The Vancouver Club
The Flower Girl Bouquet...
Red Roses with Cedar, a part of the Bride's family First Nations Heritage.
The Centrepieces.....
Masses of red Orchids, with a fresh moss cuff...lit from below to illuminate the red Rose petals inside the vases. Simply beautiful, and perfect in the formal setting of the Vancouver Club.
What a fabulous way to end Summer 2010!