Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Day...Muguet!

Lily of the Valley
Lily of the valley in a little glass vase: $45.00
I thought this would be the perfect flower to feature on May Day....Muguet. In France it is tradition to give gifts of Muguet on the first day of May.
This is also a very special flower for has been one of my favourite flowers since I was a little girl & brings back many memories of my childhood....When my own Mom passed away on March 29th, 2007, my sister & I split up the Lily of the Valley from her garden & planted it in our own gardens. Now each year it is like Mom comes back to visit us through her little fragrant flowers each Spring. What a beautiful way to be remembered....
I am happy to say my little patch of Mom's Muguet is growing by leaps & bounds each year. It is a great spreading bulb and wonderful for your early Spring cutting garden.
Lily of the Valley plants (3 bulbs in full flower) $5.99 each
Love it.

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