Monday, December 15, 2008

These are a few of my favourite things....

Some of my favourite ideas for Holiday gifting & decorating.....

White Hyacinth in 15cm ceramic pot $24.99
SORRY!!!! As of Sat. Dec 20th.....due to overwhelming demand we are sold out of white Hyacinth...we have some pink available now and will restock white & blue on Monday Dec. 21st if available....
Hyacinth Bulbs are locally available starting in December and continuing throughout the Spring. Their sweet scent is a reminder that winter doesn't last forever.... Hyacinthus is available in white, blues, & pinks & lasts about 2-3 weeks in the home or office. It should be purchased when still tight in bud so you can enjoy watching it grow and bloom. You can increase the life span for weeks by keeping the bulbs cool...put them outside at night or while you are at work during the day....but no colder than +3c

Cypress Tree in white glass vase with Maribou cuff $55.00

This variety of locally grown Cypress is suitable for indoors or outdoors. A fantastic way of bringing the beauty of Winter inside the house with a fresh chartreuse colour and a lemon scent. The trees themselves are 50cm tall and available planted in a variety of vessels. (The sample shown above is 65cm total height) Try grouping on mantels,credenzas or buffet tables...These are also available in a larger 75cm height and are fabulous outside in pots or in my own case, in a paisley shaped hedge in my front yard!

Red Carnations arranged with shiny red baubles: Starting at $34.99
Oh the glory of the Carnation when it is used tastefully!!!
For so long the Carnation has been used in ways that have resulted in a "tacky & cheap" image...but at this time of year the bright red & pure snow white of these old fashioned blooms are fabulous. Used in a modern way...massed and shaped into Snowballs or tight arrangements and embellished with baubles they are really quite magnificent! With a vase life of up to 14 days they are also a great value (see above!)

White Branches & clear baubles in white glass vase with Maribou cuff: $60-$200
(as shown $100)
A very modern & clean way of bringing Winter inside....white painted branches are graceful and magical feeling. The perfect touch for a sleek white modern interior, especially if you have spot lighting!

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Crissy said...

You had great ideas here ;)Simple yet elegant.. great job..