Saturday, July 5, 2008


Well, It's been a little bit busy....

Full House
This order was for set dec for an upcoming episode of the third season of the Sci Fi Series "Eureka" ( which will air on August 19th. We also worked on props for this episode, but in the interest of discretion as the episode hasn't aired yet won't post any photos as they may give the plot away.
Extra work tables are in use, these arrangements are big and there are a lot of them... Lydia is almost hidden entirely behind the arrangement on the bottom left ( the white apron)
This Arrangement was designed to be destroyed...
Sometimes when I am designing flowers for the film industry there are unusual circumstances that require the flowers to be a wee bit more durable....I have worked on flower arrangements that have had motorcyles crash into them and/or helicopters fly into them. Guns, Bombs, floods, fire...pretty much any untoward situation you can imagine. In these situations the arrangements are usually composed primarily of artificial flowers with fresh foliage and a few fresh flowers, arranged in an unbreakable (or breakaway, depending on the scene) vessel. There are always duplicates or triplicates of each arrangement to allow for extra takes of the scene. In the arrangement pictured above, the only fresh components are the greens, the red Roses, the yellow Cymbidium Orchids, and the Casablanca Lilies....all else is as fake as the unbreakable faux stone fibreglass urn they are arranged in!

ps: Eureka is so fabulous to work on...Eric Gerlund & the set dec team are the best ever to work with. I have worked with Eric & his team for over 10 years on various TV Series, including Poltergeist: The Series; Millenium; Smallville; The Dead Zone; and for the last 3 years, Eureka

Always, Always, Always, a Huge Pleasure!

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