Friday, May 9, 2008

The Best Mom

My Mom & Her Proudest Achievements Circa 1962
Again, another crazy busy day - I kept meaning to photograph some of the arrangements we sent out to add to the blog but customers kept arriving wanting things NOW, and with a work bench full of time! Instead, I have included a photo of my own Mom, who passed away last year shortly before Mothers Day.
That's me in all my 2 week old glory in the middle along with the two best gifts my Mom ever gave me, my brother and sister. What I have learned since her death, is that a mother is likely the only person who will love you completely and unconditionally no matter how much you mess up. I swear that if I murdered someone, my Mom would have been convinced it was their fault. So enjoy your Mom while she is still here with you - Spend some time with her! And above all, give her some flowers!

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