Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Men In Trees...A Sad Goodbye

Goodbye Elmo Inn!
One of our favourite shows to work on has been cancelled....Men In Trees wasn't picked up for a new season. The following are some photos of my staff working on a wedding scene filmed last year in Brackendale, B.C. substituting for the fictional town of Elmo, Alaska. We will miss working with Wendy Harke on this show, but are currently working with her on a Movie of the Week called "Spectacular" due for release later this year. Life (and the Film Industry) goes on!

Lydia & Giles Garlanding their hearts out!

Behind The Scenes

Prep Time

The Finishing Touches

The directives for this scene included the fact that the flowers were supposed to have been done by friends, and made entirely out of wildflowers from Alaska....set in October....a bit of a challenge at the best of times. We just hoped nobody realized there are no wildflowers in Alaska in October! (Sometimes I wonder what the writer's are thinking!)

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