Friday, April 25, 2008

My Favourite Dogs & Cat

My Best friend, Lola Miles

This photo was taken last summer at a farm in Langley where I grow Raspberry Cane for cut foliage. Lola loves the country life.

My Nephew Dog, Riley Miles.

Lola's Boyfriend, Kaiser M.

My brother Cat Amigo

Amigo was my Mom's baby and after she passed away last year he was adopted by my friend Oscar who has given him an incredibly loving home. He is now known as Cat, and occasionally is subjected to a hat or costume which I know Mom gets a laugh out of in Heaven. He tolerates the hats better than he does Lola, who has been swacked a few times upside the head if she irritates him too much.

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tory said...

ou should really have a picture of Baylee up here too. She's a little insulted.
ps. HI!